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What is ICE ID?

What’s the idea behind ICE ID?

ICE ID is dedicated to the idea that every person should be wearing an In Case of Emergency tag. Choosing to wear an ICE ID is a way we can feel and be safer.

What does the name ICE ID mean?

ICE is an internationally known acronym for In Case of Emergency. Throughout the world everyone is encouraged to enter the acronym ICE into their mobile phone with the person’s number they would like contacted In Case of Emergency. ICE ID takes it a few steps further. In case of an emergency you may need more than just a contact number. You may want paramedics to know that you are a diabetic, that you’re allergic to something, what your blood type is or any medication taken.

What is ICE ID?

ICE ID is a wearable In Case of Emergency Identification product. There are many products to choose from. The ICE ID range allows everyone no matter what their choice of activity to find a comfortable, stylish way to carry comprehensive ID on them at all times.

Who needs ICE ID?

In the event of an emergency, seconds count. We want family to be contacted immediately. We want them to be at our side as quickly as possible and we want to ensure that we receive proper medical treatment. Simply by wearing ICE ID we can answer these needs.