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Your spare keys are under your doormat. Your spare money is in your savings account. Your spare tools are in your toolbox. But where are your spare parts for your ICE ID bracelets?

Things break, get damaged, are lost or become worn out more often than we’d like - it happens to the best of us. But fear not because if you have an ICE ID tag, you can just purchase spare parts to replace the bits you’ve lost or broken instead of buying a completely new replacement. You can buy a range of spare parts, including three different types of stainless steel ID tags, wristband sliders and various straps.

What are ICE ID tags for?

ICE is a universal acronym for “In Case of Emergency”. ICE ID tags are there to provide on-site paramedics or care givers with your essential medical information should you be too incapacitated to do so yourself. But when exactly could this essential information come in handy?

Imagine you’ve been in an accident, it could be a collision while cycling or a fall while out for a run. If your injuries are severe, it could mean that you’d be unable to communicate with the persona attending you, such as a first responder, paramedic or other medical staff. In a case such as this, your ICE ID tag will list your name, any medical conditions or allergies you may have, and the contact information of your next of kin.

ICE ID Spares to the rescue

If the ICE ID wristbands and tags are the heroes that can save your life, then the ICE ID Spares are sidekicks that rescue their heroic mentor when they’re in a tight spot. Since things get lost or break all the time, we have the spare parts you need to keep your hero ICE ID operational for as long as possible.

We provide spare ID parts including:

  • Replacement sliders
  • Replacement bands; silicone and velcro
  • Replacement leather straps
  • Replacement ID tag (information will have to be engraved again)
  • Replacement ID strap for kids

We recommend buying an ICE ID Spare in advance, especially if you plan to go somewhere (perhaps on a hiking trip in the country, or abroad for a holiday) for a considerable period of time. It’s better to be prepared than caught off guard when you’re out and about and far from home.

Don’t treat ICE ID tags like the instantly discarded spare button that comes with your new shirt or coat – you never know when it may come in handy. You shouldn’t have to buy an entirely new ICE ID when just one section is broken or lost. Instead, just replace the part you need.

Stock up smart, stock up with ICE ID.

For extra items to go with your ICE ID tags, check out our ICE Extras page.

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