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Wearing an ICE ID or cycling wristband makes a lot of sense these days. Our country’s roads are not the safest place to be as a cyclist. No matter if you’re using a bike to get to work or you’re a sporting cyclist, there’s an ever present danger of being involved in an accident. When you’re unable to communicate to an attending paramedic or doctor, an ICE ID bracelet can really mean the difference between life and death if you have any serious medical conditions or could be adversely affected by certain medicines due to a critical allergy.A CYCLING ID from ICE ID is an effective cyclist's wristband that contains critical information that attending medical professionals need to know if they are to attend to you effectively. It could be something as simple as a nut allergy or more serious, such as diabetes or a major allergy to an antibiotic. This information is conveniently accessible to the doctor on the wristband.Even if you don't have any medical issues or allergies, if you're involved in an accident, wouldn't it be comforting to know that your loved ones could be alerted immediately?Cycle Smart, Cycle With ICE ID.