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Are bracelets not your thing? Maybe our stainless steel Dog Tag ID necklaces are more your style.

The Dog Tag IDs come on a ball chain, which can be easily adjusted, or on a keyring

If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t communicate with an attending paramedic or doctor, the Dog Tag ID will come in handy. By having the essential information (such as your name, address, allergies and required medication) around your neck or attached to your keys, you can give the medical staff the vital information they need to make the right decision regarding your care. It might sound extreme but it really could be the difference between life and death.

Not everyone likes to wear jewellery or other accessories around their neck or on their wrist. That’s why we also have a range of Dog Tags ID that act as a keyring, perfect for everyday use. But what makes the ICE ID Dog Tag Keyring special? Not only does this Dog Tag ID contain the valuable information, but because it’s attached to your keys, it is something that you could never forget or leave behind! Unless you manage to unwittingly lock yourself out of your home that is.

The Dog Tag Keyring ID isn’t just limited to your keys either. If you think outside the box a little, you could attach it to your coat zipper, belt loop or even a bag you use every day. Our Dog Tags ID are also perfect for your child or another loved one to use. Now there are other ways for their vital medical information to be seen in case of an emergency if keys can’t be found.

Our range of Dog Tags IDs speak for you when you’re unable to, giving your caregivers all the vital information they need to give you the best possible care in the fastest possible time. Each necklace and keychain Dog Tag ID can include up to six lines of information, including:

  • Full name
  • Town/ Postcode
  • NHS Number
  • 2 emergency numbers
  • Medical insurance number
  • Blood type
  • Any known allergies or conditions (e.g. having diabetes or an allergy to certain antibiotics)

When you’re unable to communicate to an attending paramedic or doctor, wearing a Dog Tag ID necklace or having a dog tag keyring really could mean the difference between a speedy recovery and a worsening condition. Our Dog Tag IDs are especially useful if you have any serious medical conditions or could be adversely affected by certain medicines due to a serious allergy.

The ICE ID Dog Tag is also useful for luggage and other items you don’t want to lose when travelling. Just by investing in one of these tags, which would list your name, address and contact details, you can ensure your luggage will return to you safe and sound.

Travel smart, travel with ICE ID Dog Tags

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